PORTAVISTA is an independent company, publisher of the video platform
www.music.portavista.fr which develops a catalog oriented towards the music
which finds no place on the other platforms dedicated to the music.

We have collected recordings of concerts, including traditional, ethnic or
"unwritten" music, jazz and so-called "classical" music. We give a lot of space to
documentaries that help to better understand how traditional music lives and stays
out of the scope of globalization and cultural standardization.
Music.portavista does not play clips that are already widely available on other

Access to the trailers of MUSIC.PORTAVISTA is free and to access the complete
programs, it is necessary to subscribe. Subscribers, have access to the entire offer,
with no limit on the number of programs or views.
PORTAVISTA has set up a specific form of subscription for institutions : music
schools, conservatories, media libraries, to learn more contact us at

The portavista.fr platform was created by WOM Créations and the video streaming
is managed by Binex.io