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The Grand Baroque Carrousel

90 minutes

Frank Vilano

Polygone Onze

Capture of a great baroque spectacle a reconstruction of a great festival of song music and equestrian spectacle during the reign of the Sun King Louis XIV. According to the traditions of the era, Le Grand Carrousel offers a sung and danced prologue, a sporting part with the presentation of old-fashioned quadrilles, high school tunes and horse jousting, and a sumptuous episode in which singing and dancing horse chariots combine for a real equestrian opera inspired by the mythological kidnappings of Zeus and the symbolic significance attributed to each of them. The music for the Grand Carrousel comes from operas by Jean-Philippe Rameau and vintage outdoor ringtones. They are interpreted by the Ricercar Consort the Chamber Choir of Namur four soloists (Wilke te Brummelstroete Valérie Gabail Laure Delcampe Jean-François Novelli) and a group of classical Arab musicians.

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